Back in the Saddle

Full disclosure: for at least 30 seconds I thought “Back in the Draddle” (like… drafting saddle) was a hilarious title for this post. So if that affects your opinion of me, I very much understand.

Anyway. Here I am again. Drafting.

[500 deleted words on how much I hate drafting, including profanity and 300 characters of keysmashing from banging my head against my desk]

Now that we’re through with that, here are three reasons why it might be a GOOD thing that my draft is going horribly.

  • Drafting is hard, and that’s a good thing because it means I am a better self-editor than I was the last time I drafted. I am seeing more of the problems up front, before I am 50,000 words into them.
  • Drafting is hard, and that’s a good thing because it means I am a better and more ambitious writer than I was the last time I drafted. I am attempting more complex things. I am trying something I haven’t done before. I’m challenging myself.
  • Drafting is hard, and that’s a good thing because nope can’t come up with a third this is the worst bye

Knowing Your Strengths vs. Laziness

As I wait for my agent to take a look at the latest draft of Wildergirls, I’ve been toying with the beginning of a new project. My process for the very beginning of things thus far seems to be that I get a sudden flash of the first 100 words, and then need to spend a while fleshing out the world.

I wrote the first 100 words of this nascent project and, as is instinctive for me, they came out in first person present. It’s the natural state of my voice, the POV in which I find it easiest to write. But since then I’ve been trying to rewrite them in third past.

Wildergirls is in first person present, and if the second book in that duology ever happens, that, too, will be in first person present. Is it laziness to start another project in that same POV? Or is it knowing my strengths and playing to them?

What do you guys think? Where do you draw the line between challenging yourself and making things harder without real cause?

This can apply to so many things besides POV – I have a fondness for teeth imagery, but relying too heavily on it definitely feels like laziness rather than playing to my strengths – but POV is probably where I struggle with it the most.