In an Orchard Grown from Ash

Twisted political games and heart-rending relationship drama abound in this stunning conclusion of a mythic epic fantasy duology.

The Argyros family is torn asunder, their nation betrayed and taken over by former allies, and twins Rhea and Lexos are left standing on opposite sides of the now full-blown rebellion. Will they be able to reconcile—or will there only be a reckoning?


Jordan Pace,

Trigger and Content Warnings Below

Suicidal ideation (from a point of view character, as opposed to observed). Depiction of a suicide attempt (in the point of view of said character).

Emotional abuse by a parent.


Manipulation/discussion of loss of agency. Hostages.


Discussion of state violence and war, as well as a history of imperialism.

Depiction of war, primarily in Chapter Forty Four.

Building collapse/destruction, including a religion-affiliated building. Mass panic. Mass injury. Collateral civilian damage and death.

Mention/description of blood. Some gore (significantly less than Wilder Girls, for reference, but more than IAGBG). Some body horror (as before, same reference point).

Warnings will continue to be updated as necessary – if there is anything you feel should be TWed or CWed, please do not hesitate to contact me.