On My Desk This Month: October 2017

It has been a BIG MONTH, y’all. I sold my book, and got to actually tell people I sold my book! I’ve also started to really work in earnest on a new project, which is exciting and invigorating and all sorts of other adjectives.

ANYWAY. Let’s get into the material objects I like to spend money on.

  • Adrenaline Crush, a sort of glittery purple nail polish from Sally Hansen (that is WAY darker than it looks on the Target website)
  • This Ambrosia candle from Aspen Bay Candles, which I think I got from Anthropologie (or it may have been a gift?)
    • Notes of orange and grapefruit and it doesn’t say pineapple but I am convinced there’s some in there
  • A pair of one dollar Christmas socks from Target because it’s time
  • The Bear and the Nightingale, by Katherine Arden
  • A mini matte creme lip crayon from Bite Beauty in the shade Pastille
  • A mini GEN NUDE matte liquid lip from Bare Minerals in the shade Bo$$
  • The Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb which I would full on DIE for
  • A Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer because I finally replaced my old one, which shattered
  • Thayer’s Witch Hazel toner – I’ve never really been a toner person but this is affordable and it’s actually working
    • I got the Rose Petal version by accident… kind of wishing I hadn’t but I still like it!!

What have you been loving this month?

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