Rediscovering Lost Loves

Found this today as I was putting together a playlist for the project that has no name:

Soneto de la noche, Morton Lauridsen, performed by Polyphony

It doesn’t suit at all – far too rich and full of joy – but I was reminded of how deeply I love this piece, and how solidly my music background sits at the core of me. I haven’t heard it in years, and it almost hurts to listen to it, to be reminded of a part of my life I don’t engage with much anymore.

With this new project, though it’s only tangentially related to music, I’d like to try to bring that feeling to life. That feeling of sitting in pews alongside my friends, sharing sheet music, watching the hands of our conductor (who wore the most ostentatious pinky ring you’ve ever seen) for our cues, and hearing our sound spiral up into the chapel sky.

This piece is everything I loved. I hope you love it, too.

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